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Joined on November 12th 2022
Last seen July 24th 2024

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Hey man, there is a japanese music discord if you wanna join, just reply and ill send an inv. Fans of all genres are in there.
Wednesday 7th of December 2022 09:54 PM
Sure! But I might not chat much since I'm busy studying now, sry for that
Thursday 8th of December 2022 02:37 AM
all good, im mkreptile777 in there!
Thursday 8th of December 2022 11:20 PM
Just joined the server:), I'll just scroll over the chats and get used to the server for now.
Friday 9th of December 2022 03:01 PM
What's your top 3 supercar songs?
Friday 25th of November 2022 12:37 AM
1st Trip Sky, 2nd Otogi Nation, 3rd goes to Electric Sea for now. Sorry for such a late reply BTW ;)
Sunday 4th of December 2022 12:00 PM
Otogi Nation and Electric Sea are underrated af. dope choices!
Monday 5th of December 2022 05:58 AM