Members of Supercar, from left to right: Nakamura Koji, Furukawa Miki, Ishiwatari Junji, Tazawa Kodai

Band Bio

Supercar (スーパーカー, SU-PA-KA-) was a Japanese rock band active from 1995 to 2005 who made their debut in 1997. Consisting of songwriter and vocalist Kōji Nakamura (中村弘二 Nakamura Kōji), guitarist Junji Ishiwatari (いしわたり淳治 Ishiwatari Junji), bassist Miki Furukawa (フルカワミキ Furukawa Miki), and drummer Kōdai Tazawa (田沢公大 Tazawa Kōdai), Supercar is best known for their experimentation in raw rock and electronica.

Part of SUPERCAR's aesthetic success stems from their "ordinary country-grown" roots in the Aomori prefecture, far north from the constant clamor of Tokyo. It was here that the youthful band first took shape. Supercar was formed in 1995 when bassist Miki Furukawa placed an advertisement in a local magazine seeking fellow musicians. Junji Ishiwatari responded and convinced childhood friend Kōji Nakamura to join as well. Junji and Kōji soon recruited drummer Kōdai Tazawa, an acquaintance from middle school. After writing songs and recording demo tapes, they received a record contract. In 1997 they released their debut album, Three Out Change, then their second album, Jump Up, in 1999. Jump Up was followed by the experimental albums Ooyeah and Ookeah, both also released in 1999. With the 2000 album Futurama, electronic experimentation took a larger role that would characterize the band's sound for the rest of their career. The 2002 release Highvision continued the electronic development, (the single Strobolights did not even contain a guitar in the album version). Supercar released their last album, Answer, in 2004 which contained balance of rock and electronica.

In 2005, Supercar announced their plans to break up. They held one last concert and released a DVD of it entitled 'Last Live'.
All album names and song titles are in English. The lyrics, mostly written by Junji, are in Japanese and commonly include a couple of English words.

Internationally, Supercar is known for providing much of the soundtrack for the Japanese film Ping Pong, as well as being featured in the anime series Eureka Seven.

Nakamura Kōji

Koji, also known by the nickname 'Nakako' (mixture of Nakamura and Koji), has had two distinct solo projects: Nyantora and iLL. He is also in a band called LAMA


Nyantora was actually in the works while Supercar was still together, but it's still worth listening if you get the chance.  Both Nyantora albums are completely electronic.  I would classify them as experimental relaxing music... not that I'm really good at classifying genres.

Nyantora Albums:

 "99-00" (May 9, 2001) - A compilation of electronic experimental works, 1999-2000.

 "COSMOS" (April 2, 2003) - A spaced themed album, as hinted by the name.

A couple of Nyantora works are featured in the "NOON RECORDS COMPILATION" album.  Koji also helped out in the "Honey,Sugar and Spice" album by MILK FILM as well.


iLL was formed in 2006, and has released 4 full albums to date.  iLL became popular not only because Nakako formed the band, but because of the ambient live performances they made with videos/lights in the background. iLL also sounds almost dangerously close to Supercar in some aspects. 

Additional Musicians:   Bass - Nasuno Mitsuru,  Drums - Numazawa Takashi, Synth & Piano - Nishi Ryota,  and  Chorus - Masuko Fumie.

iLL Albums:

 "Sound by iLL" (May 31, 2006)

 "Dead Wonderland" (March 5, 2008)

 "Rock Album" (August 6, 2008)

 "Force" (August 26, 2009)

 "Minimal Maximum" (October 13, 2010)


 "iLLusion by iLL" (April 4, 2007)

 "Force" and "Sound by iLL" include DVDs in the Limited Editions.

iLL Single Albums:

 "Call My Name" (May 30, 2007)

 "Rock" (January 28, 2009)

 "Kiss" (May 27, 2009)

 "Deadly Lovely" (July 29, 2009)

Collaboration (or remixer) Albums: 

 "Dawn - Yoake" by [iLL + Yuji Katsui] (February 21, 2007)

 "Bondage Heart - Remixes" by [Miki Furukawa] (May 13, 2009)

 "No Boys, No Cry Original Soundtrack" by [Yoshinori Sunahara] (July 29, 2009)

 "Pleasure" by [RYUKYUDISCO] (Septermber 23, 2009)

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LAMA is Nakako's current band as of 2011. He is working with old band mate Miki Furukawa and two other popular artists Hisako Tabuchi (Number Girl) and Kensuke Ushio (agraph).

Official Site:


Furukawa Miki

Since Supercar's breakup, Miki has released a few amazing albums under her own name.   Her solo albums are mostly rock with upbeat electronica mixed in.  Her solo stuff is genuine, and I would recommend it to any starving Supercar fan. Miki is currently in a band called LAMA.

Miki Furukawa (self-titled solo projects)

Miki Furukawa Albums:

 'Mirrors' (2006)

 'Bondage Heart' (2008)

 'Very' (2010) 

Miki Furukawa Single Albums:

 'Coffee and SingingGirl!!!' (2006)

 'Psycho America' (2007)

 'Candy Girl' (2008)

 'Saihate' (2009)

Other Albums Including Miki Furukawa:

 'Lingkaran for Baby' (2007) - A various artist compilation

 'Bondage Heart - Remixes' (2009)

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LAMA is Miki's current band as of 2011. She is working with old band mate Nakamura Koji and two other popular artists Hisako T abuchi (Number Girl) and Kensuke Ushio (agraph).

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Ishiwatari Junji

There are only a few things I know for sure about Junji after Supercar broke up.  He has worked with a band called S.R.S in 2009.  Specifically, I know he writes lyrics, but I'm not sure whether he's helping with the music or producing it or what.  

S.R.S Albums:

 'Sometimes' (2009)

 'Wonder Song' (2009)

He's helped out with a lot of minor stuff it seems.  This site contains a list of his latest 'works', which are really a bunch of albums he helped out with:

Tazawa Kōdai

Kodai has played in a band called aM formed in 2001, and later in a band called HOODIS formed in 2006.

aM Official: