Members of Supercar, from left to right: Nakamura Koji, Furukawa Miki, Ishiwatari Junji, Tazawa Kodai

Supercar Tabs

Rhythm Guitar tabs for 「Hello」 by Supercar

Posted by iaraarem
(based on the bass guitar)

Main Chord Progression:
E - A - Abm - B -

Chorus: same as above but you play the E major chord longer. It's clearly audible if you follow the singing.

Open or barre chord / Power chord
E:   022100* or x7999x / 022xxx or x799xx
A:   x02220 or 577655* / x022xx or 577xxx
Abm: 466444* / 466xxx
B:   x24442 or 799877* / x244xx or 799xxx

Marked in * are what I play..