Members of Supercar, from left to right: Nakamura Koji, Furukawa Miki, Ishiwatari Junji, Tazawa Kodai

Supercar Tabs

Bass Guitar tabs for 「Hello」 by Supercar

Posted by iaraarem
Intro / Verse:
   E     A     Abm   B

Chorus / Outro:
   E     E+     E     E+
X|------13-----------13------| <-**

   A     A     Abm   B

Instrumental / Bridge: either a play on E or A is fine.. Well, that's what I play.

/slide up

Stroke directions:
(3x): down down down
(6x): down-up down-up down down

1: index finger
2: middle finger
3: ring finger
?: 1, 2 or 3 can do, depends on what you feel like using

E+ just refers to E an octave higher

* can be that or E|-12(6x)-|
Though, based on some videos of SUPERCAR,
Miki Furukawa plays the E+ on the A-string so that she can slide up the fret (from 0 or 1 to 7).
If you're to add the sliding, you'll definitely might not get it right the first time.
At least, it's something to practice. :D

** the usage of 3, is so you can have a seamless transition from the E+ note back to the A note.
E+ is the 5th root of A.. basically you have your fingers in an A power chord