Members of Supercar, from left to right: Nakamura Koji, Furukawa Miki, Ishiwatari Junji, Tazawa Kodai

Supercar Tabs

Rhythm Guitar tabs for 「Flicker」 by Supercar

Posted by iaraarem
Instrumental / Verse:
A - C#m - F#m - D -

Pre-Instrumental / Refrain?:
D - F#m - E - A - 

Power Chords:
A:   577xxx or x022xx
C#m: 9-11-11-x-x or x466xx
F#m: 244xxx
D:   x577xx
E:   022xxx

* (from low e to high E)
** Chord progression and playing is easily distinguishable from the song, so I didn't tab them all out.
*** Whether you play power chords throughout the whole song, it's your call. I tend to play the full chord every refrain.

Full Chords:
A:   577655 or x02220
C#m: 9-11-11-10-9 or x46664
F#m: 244322
D:   xx0232 or x57775
E:   022100