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Matt Steven
Joined on November 8th 2012
Last seen April 17th 2017
I'm just a college student who loves Supercar. I'm working on translating all of their songs.

At the moment, I am constructing this site. Bear with me if you run into bugs, etc. Please post them here if they persist.

You may email me at

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And I can translate Japanese in english subtitles. If you give me a lyrics in english pronounciation, I can translate it to English.
Sunday 18th of October 2015 02:43 PM
Hello, I can be sure that I'm the biggest fan of supercar in Korea.
I love their musics and new projects like Lama.
I'm very glad to meet you guys, since there are no fan sites and fanatics for supercar.
Thank you for this sites, I love it!
Sunday 18th of October 2015 02:41 PM